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LightSaver products have been available in the USA for several years. A number of renowned organisations have since rallied behind the LightSaver’s effectiveness. The fact that in America, LightSaver is allowed to display the logos of these bodies on its website is proof that they have a great deal of confidence in the LightSaver’s life-saving capabilities.

 nfpaThe National Fire Protection Association


usfaThe United States Fire Administration


femaFederal Emergency Management Agency


nasfmThe National Association of State Fire Marshals


dhsThe Department of Homeland Security     



What is striking is that in 2015, the Department of Homeland Security granted the ‘Dept. of Homeland Security/SAFETY Act - Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT)’ designation to LightSaver. This designation is only bestowed upon technologies that increase the chances of survival among citizens during an emergency or terrorist attack and puts LightSaver in a significantly privileged position. For customers, this means legal as well as economic and insurance-related benefits.

Read more at:  www.thelightthatsaveslives.com