LightSaver Original

lightsaver linear

  • Stand-alone unit
  • Works with any standard smoke alarm
  •  For homes fitted with standard smoke alarms
  •  Bespoke advice and installation
  •  Read the technical specifications

LightSaver PRO

lightsaver pro

  • Independent stand-alone system
  • Can be connect to a professional fire alarm and evacuation system
  • Commercial and public buildings
  • Bespoke advice and installation
  • See operation and specifications

The lightsaver is unique on the european market.

The life-saving light of the LightSaver is unique on the European market. The LightSaver is a stand-alone unit that is activated by a standard smoke alarm or a fire alarm system (depending on whether the model is an Original or Pro). When the smoke alarm sounds, the evacuation route lighting is activated and flashing strands show the way to the shortest and safest way out.

The light strands are placed all the way around an emergency door, including the threshold if the situation allows. The subtle design, discreet dimensions and the light grey colour of the light strands mean the system is scarcely noticeable when it is not active. This escape route lighting system can be used to clearly indicate the position of doors as well as stairways, fire escapes, escape windows and other emergency exits. When an alarm sounds, the long-lasting lighting signals clearly indicate the shortest escape route through the darkness and smoke to the emergency exit. The flashing lights enable people in danger to find their way safely and unharmed along the shortest route out of the building.


 De differences per setting

 LightSaver OriginalLightSaver Pro
Is your building fitted with an official fire alarm system? icon close grey groen vinkje

Is a lot of noise produced in the area where the LightSaver is to be installed? (e.g. catering, music or theatre)

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Do you wish to control, test or monitor the LightSaver remotely? icon close grey groen vinkje
Do you have a standard (self-contained) smoke alarm or alarms in your home? groen vinkje icon close grey
Do you have a standard (self-contained) smoke alarm or alarms in a small business premises? groen vinkje icon close grey