LightSaver Original is a self-contained unit that is activated by the audible signal from a standard smoke alarm. The LightSaver Original is sold as an off-the-shelf package.

Product specifications for the LightSaver Original

  • 1 LightSaver Original unit
  • 2 light strands measuring approx. 3.6 metres (including connector)
  • 2 PVC caps that are pushed onto the ends of the light strands
  • 1 roll of LightSaver clear adhesive tape (approx. 12 metres) for fitting the light strands
  • 1 9V alkaline battery
  • Operating manual, installation instructions and technical specifications
  • Replacement light strand can be supplied directly from stock

Technical specifications for the LightSaver Original

  • Manufactured to comply with ISO9001 standards and bears CE Marking
  • Works on a replaceable 9V alkaline battery with a minimum life of one year
  • The system is activated by virtually all standard smoke alarms, provided they are fitted within a six-metre radius of the Original unit.
  • The Original features a sensor which responds to the acoustic alarm from a smoke detector.
  • When the battery level falls to a level that is insufficient to power the unit’s primary functions, the Original will emit an irregular flash indicating that the battery needs replacing.
  • Features an accessible and easily opened battery compartment
  • Has a handy test button so the operation can be tested regularly.

LightSaver Original Product Specifications (pdf)