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The LightSaver Pro system can be used in situations where a fire alarm system is installed, where central control of the system is beneficial and in situations where the sound levels mean there is a likelihood of a LightSaver Original setting off a false alarm. This life-saving LightSaver Pro system operates using a wireless connection and is powered by the mains (230V). It features a battery back-up system and can be activated by the fire alarm system and/or manual call points. The modular construction and wireless connectivity make installation and management of the system extremely simple.


LS Alarm unit (A)

Apart from its blue plastic housing, the LS Alarm Unit looks like any other standard call point and works in the same way; simply break the glass to activate the LightSaver Pro System. The unit can be connected to a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) which will then activate the LightSaver system automatically.

The Alarm unit can be used with or without an FACP.

This unit is fitted with a transmitter and is powered by a five-year battery.

LightSaver Light Unit (B)

The Light Unit is housed in a blue casing measuring approx. 100x70x50 mm. The casing can be sprayed in any RAL colour at an extra charge. Enclosed unit with internal connectors for power and light strands. Designed for installation behind a suspended ceiling. Can also be fitted visibly.

The unit connects to the 230V mains power supply and features a 5V battery back-up (enough for 4 hours of uninterrupted operation). The Light Unit will also be activated in the event of a power outage, so the exit is clearly marked in the dark. It features an LED indicator to show whether the system is active. This unit comes with 10 metres of LightSaver light strand (2 x 5 metres) as standard.

Communications within the LightSaver Pro system work through a built-in, protected wireless network that operates independently of the local Wi-Fi network. The wireless network has a long range and successful tests mean it is guaranteed to be interference-free, even in hospitals and other sensitive surroundings. Signal amplifiers are sold separately

LS Light strands
The blue light strands, which light up along their whole length when activated, measure 1.5 mm in diameter. The Light Unit includes 10 metres of light strands as standard. Other lengths are available on request at an extra charge. The maximum length of light strand that can be attached to a LightSaver Pro unit is 20 metres. The light strands can be shortened to the desired length with sharp scissors. Other colours are available on request at an extra charge.

In an emergency situation, the light strands flash at a rate of one per second (1 Hz).

LS Controle Unit (C)
The LS Control Unit receives the wireless signals from the system (Alarm and/or Light/Unit) and is connected via Wi-Fi to the user’s network.

controleunitThe Control Unit can be used to send information about the system to a PC or mobile device. A mobile device can be used to test the LightSaver Light Units and check the battery status. The LS Control Unit can send alarm signals to your mobile device in addition to other internet accessible receivers if required.

The control unit is connected to the 230V mains power supply through an adaptor (supplied). It is connected to your own network using the Wi-Fi protocol.

The LightSaver Pro system is guaranteed to operate without the LS Control Unit, in which case it operates blindly. If you would like to have information about and control of the system, then this unit is a welcome addition.

Technical specifications of the LightSaver

• Manufactured to comply with ISO9001 standards and bears CE Marking
• Connects to the 230V mains supply and has a replaceable 5V back-up battery with a minimum life of five years
• The system is activated by a wireless signal in the LS Alarm Unit or if there is a power outage, which is detected by the LS Light Unit. When mains power is restored, the Light Unit will return to standby mode.
• The Control Unit can be used to test the Light and check the battery status. Battery and alarm notifications are sent to the PC or mobile app via the Control Unit.
• The LightSaver Pro system works alongside your existing fire alarm and evacuation system. Technically, it is not a part of it. The LS Pro system only receives and processes information from your FACP.
• Installation of a LightSaver Pro system is carried out by a professional.